Who We Support

Our clients include privately-held and family-run businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals. They range in size from start-ups to established companies and cover a wide spectrum of industries. Some of our clients have a few employees, while others have multiple locations with hundreds of employees.

Supporting Different Business Stages

We understand how to identify the critical needs of our clients, as well as recognize the critical components of their industry. Our team designs our support based on those unique needs. We work with clients as they go through their lifecycle and adjust based on how their needs begin to change.

Individual Tax Payers

We work with executives, working individuals, retirees, and families. Our team creates a tax plan based on their unique financial circumstances, opportunities, and challenges. We can conduct income, estate, trust planning, as well as design a family gifting or philanthropic donation plan. Some of our clients have stock options, inheritance needs, long-term health concerns, and other issues to address. In addition to helping create an effective tax plan, we will ensure your tax returns are properly prepared and filed.

Client Communications

One feature that sets A&G apart from other firms is our client interaction. While many accountants do a good job of handling routine compliance tasks, such as fundamental audit reports or typical tax filings, we go the extra mile to become a vital and integral part of the client’s search for excellence. We proactively meet and speak with our clients throughout the year, and it is this approach to communication that enables our firm to create relationships and dialogues that make a difference.

Our Client Onboarding Process

  • Client Interview. We use this interview to understand your goals and current obstacles.
  • Comprehensive Review. This reviews your business and personal records including financial statements, tax returns, retirement accounts, investments, trusts, and life insurance.
  • Goal Setting. Now, we set goals and develop an understanding of what we need to do to help you move closer to or exceed your objectives.
  • Plan Implementation. We finalize your plan and begin executing the steps.
  • Ongoing Communication. Our team remains in contact throughout the year, so we can review your plan progress and make changes as needed.