Profit & Advisory Focus

We excel and make a significant impact helping clients set and make progress toward goals. A&G becomes your trusted advisor who will provide an independent and objective perspective. We will design a plan to help you move through the different stages of your business and personal lifecycle. Our team provides creative thinking, detailed financial support, and monitors performance.

Accounting Solutions

To us, this is the starting point in developing accurate data that converts to useful information. We talk to our clients and become involved in their business and/or personal needs. It is the only way we know how to make an impact in the value building process. If you have in-house staff, let us provide the accounting oversight to ensure the entries booked, closing process, and financial reporting is in order.

Tax Strategies

Taxes represent a significant piece of the profit puzzle. If you are making money, you will pay taxes. The question is how can we defer paying taxes and are there other tax incentives and credits that may apply to benefit your business? Deferring tax liability can make a major impact on your cash flow and current profitability. We help clients create a Tax Plan and monitor the steps throughout the year.

Financial Reporting

There are compliance reports and management reports. Some overlap, but the main difference is we provide the required compliance reports to keep the government and any outside parties such as banks or investors informed. We provide management reporting to provide insight into financial items most important to running their business. Once we understand your Critical Success Factors, we then design reporting that monitors and reports the Key Performance Indicators for your business.

Start a Conversation

We talk to our clients and become involved in their business and/or personal needs. They feel free to call us and do so to discuss anything from detailed financial issues to general business topics. The more we know, the better we can support you.