Creating an Exit or Succession Strategy

Most owners only exit a business once in their life. Every owner faces a series of decisions that can alter the outcome and every owner faces multiple opportunities. External buyers, mergers, internal turnover, family succession, employee stock ownerships, or a public offering are all potential options. Each has different costs and different benefits. A&G will walk you through each choice and help you make the best decision.

Our Blueprint for Success Includes:

  • Building the Plan
  • Deciding an Exit Date
  • Acquiring Independent, Objective Professionals to Help
  • Maximizing the Sale Value or Succession Strategy
  • Forecasting the Post-Sale Tax Impact

Time is a Valuable Tool in Exit Planning

Eventually every owner transitions out of their business into the next stage of their life. A shorter timeframe to plan a transition may result in a less profitable sale. Time allows an owner to refine operations for value maximization, ensures key-men and non-competes are in place, permits owners to remove themselves as much as possible from the day-to-day operations, and provides time to unfold a tax minimization strategy, especially if gifting is involved.

Are You Exit & Succession Minded?

Are you over 60? Do you have family involved in the business? It can take years to get a company ready to sell or to successfully conduct a family succession. Ask about our exit, transition, and succession blueprint process.